Repeat Performance Accepts

Repeat Performance accepts, BY CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT, women’s, misses, guy’s, men’s and junior’s clothing, footwear and accessories as well as most costume jewelry, fine jewelry; home decor and smaller or occasional furniture pieces on consignment. We are currently accepting children's clothing from size 24 months up to size 16.

Repeat Performance is looking for current contemporary (5 yrs old or newer) better label clothing, accessories, jewelry and even cosmetic items in next to new condition. We accept items that are FRESHLY LAUNDERED OR CLEANED, ironed with sizing, on HANGERS (we return your hangers) free of damage and by CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT ONLY.

As our clientele purchases items based on the current or coming season, we accept items for consignment as follows:

Spring Items 1/15 thru 3/15 • Summer Items 3/1 thru 7/31 • Fall Items 8/15 thru 10/15 • Winter Items 10/1 thru 1/15

Your standard consigned items remain in the store for 90 days. You receive 40% of the selling price at the end of the consignment. At the end of the consignment, items may be sold on your behalf on eBay for an additional 90 days, or they are donated on your behalf to charitable organizations in our community. You receive an itemized, tax deductible list of all donated items, listing each item at the full price we originally charged. Items may be sold after your 90 day consignment and you will receive credit. You may pick up a check 1 week after the end of your consignment and we recommend checking back again at the end of an additional 100 day period.

Please examine your items carefully. We recommend laying each item flat on a table or bed under the brightest light possible. Look at the front, back, collar, cuffs, waistbands, inside all pockets, jackets and especially trousers!! This will eliminate the embarrassment as well as the rejection of items that clearly do not meet the aforementioned criteria. We must be selective - our customers determine our guidelines, so don’t be offended if we don’t accept some or all of your items. Items that are dated, faded, spotted, snagged, or damaged in any manner are not saleable and will be returned during the inventory process. If an item is consigned, but later found to have damage upon closer inspection, the item will either be offered at 70% of the original selling price, or donated on your behalf.

As the object of consigning your items is to get a return on your original investment, we recommend you examine your item with a buyer's eye, and deliver your items to us in the same condition you’d be willing to purchase them.

We do not generally buy items, but are willing to consider all options.

How To Prepare Your Items

Just like it takes a moment of preparation for YOU to look your best, it takes a bit of the same for your items to sell at the highest price on consignment.

Call us at 559-442-0129 to make a consignment appointment. Be prepared for a 2 - 6 week wait time for an appointment. Unfortunately, we can only process so many items each day in an efficient manner. IMPORTANT: Please add our contact information to your phone. Then, respond when we call you to confirm your appointment, arrive at your appointed time. Be prepared to stay with us for the entire appointment time (usually an hour for 25 items), then watch the dollars roll in...

We highly recommend reading our Tips page for the best results.

Lay out each item that you want to bring to consignment. Look at the front, back, inside collars, cuffs, etc. If the item needs be cleaned, please do so in the manner appropriate to the garment. Then check the seams, hems and buttons, etc. Make any necessary repairs.

As we ask that you bring your items pressed and ON HANGERS. Your hangers are returned to you at the end of your appointment. We strongly suggest that you purchase a can of Magic Sizing (frequently found at a Dollar Store). To achieve the best sales results on your consigned items, iron all your items with this stuff. Sizing and a little elbow grease make your items appear brand some cases, even better.

However, you need to keep in mind...

How long you've held on to your clothing items. Most of our clients are looking for current, contemporary clothing. If your garment is manufactured in polyester interlock knit, it dates to the mid-seventies. If your item has Katherine Hepburn shoulder pads in the jacket, be assured that you probably purchased it back in the Eighties. That's not to say that the jacket, suit or pantsuit won't appeal to one of our customers, after all, many prefer that classic silhouette of the Eighties. We might be willing to take a chance on selling your item, but don't be surprised if it doesn't sell. Take advantage of the itemized tax deductible list we offer in return for allowing us to donate your items to charity.

As with any rule, these too are made to be broken. Repeat Performance works with it's clients to assure satisfactory results when items such as fine jewelry, furs, and upscale clothing items are consigned such as St John Knit, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, just to name a few. If you have upscale items you'd like to sell, please make it a point to speak with management to assure you the best return for your fine items as we do sell for our clients on eBay.